Management structure

 The first document “Regulations of Wangwushan-Daimeishan UNESCO Global Geopark” was issued on behalf of government authorities in Jun,2012. Wangwushan-Daimeishan UNESCO Global Geopark Authority has independent corporate capacity with full funding by the Financial.
The authority consists of administration office, financial department, planning&construction department, science popularization department, Daimeishan administration office and geological museum. According to “Regulations of Wangwushan-Daimeishan UNESCO Global Geopark” and “Regulations of Conservation of  Wangwushan-Daimeishan Geological Heritages”, they are responsible for the conservation, development, construction, science popularization,  Construction & management of the geological heritages within the territory.
 The partners(Administration of Wangwushan Scenic Area, Xiaogoubei Scenic Area ,Yellow River Three Gorges Scenic Area, Longtanxia Scenic Area, Daimeishan Scenic Area, Jingzishan Scenic Area) are responsible for the geoconservation, science popularization and management of the geopark.

Scope of official duty:

1.     Propaganda and construction affairs of the geopark, and the geoconsevation work.

2.     Protect the natural resources, cultural relics and geo-heritage of the geopark  with other departments according to law.

3.     In charge of  the  establishment, approval and implementation of the geopark overall planning  and detailed planning.

4.     Investigate, evaluate and monitor the geo-heritages in the geopark with other departments and establish archives to the typical geo-heritages and  natural characteristics.

5.     carry the publicity campaign to geo-heritages and  natural characteristics and protect them from pollution or destruction.

6.     Formulate the management system of the geopark, standardize procedures for tourists or scientific members.

7.     Carrying out scientific and education  programs and guide training to improve the tourism degree.

8.     Do a good job in every aspect of  geopark management .


Contact us:

director office: 0391-6611080


finance office: 0391-6619609

planning and construction: 0391-6619609


Management institution:

Wangwushan - Dai Mei Mountain World Geopark Authority:Liu Xiaoling , responsible for the general work.

Party branch secretary:ZhangQianJin

The head of the office: Kong Huiwen, responsible for the daily work, conference and reception.

The head of the finance office:Wang Fang : responsible for the administrative charge of the administration office, the management,  use and supervision  geoconservation fund, issue of pay and bonus of the staff.

Planning and construction office: protect the natural,cultural,and geological resources in the geopark according to law.

Wangwushan-Daimeishan UNESCO Global Geopark Telephone: 0391-6913199