In 2021 wangwu Mountain - Daimeishan world geology Park guide training notice


In 2021 wangwu Mountain - Daimeishan world geology

Park guide training notice

Jiyuan Cultural Tourism Group, Wangwu Mountain Scenic Spot, Xiaogou Background Area, Yellow River Three Gorges Scenic spot:

For positive wangwu mountain - d meishan world geological park construction and popular science work, share experience area geological relics protection, promote exchanges and cooperation between each scenic spot, better geological park elements can be incorporated into the whole domain of tourism, is scheduled for September 16, 2021 held in jiyuan demonstration area forestry wangwu mountain - d meishan world geological park, the tour guide training course, The relevant matters are hereby notified as follows:

1. Organizational units

       Sponsor: Jiyuan Forestry Bureau

       Organizer: Wangwushan - Daimeishan World Geopark Administration

       Co-organizer: Henan Geological Survey Institute

2. Main Contents of training

(1) Explanation of geological structure and geological relics

(2) Geopark tour guide experience exchange

3. Time and place of training course

(1) Time: 8:30 a.m. on September 16, 2021

(2) Location: Meeting room on the 7th floor of Jiyuan Forestry Bureau

4. Participants of the training course

(1) Chief leader of the Forestry Bureau

(2) Wangwushan - Daimeishan World Geopark Administration chief leader

(3) Related expert of Henan Geological Survey Institute

(4) Tour guides and management personnel in various scenic spots

5. The meeting urged

Please send 10 tourist guides or managers to attend the training course.

Please send the registration receipt (see attachment) to the mailbox of Wangwushan-Daimeishan World Geopark Administration bureau before September 13. In accordance with the requirements of epidemic prevention and control, participants should wear masks and take seats at a distance of 1 meter.



Attachment: 2021 Wangwushan-Daimeishan World Geopark Tour Guide Training Registration receipt




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