About the park

Wangwushan-Daimeishan UNESCO Global Geopark   is located in Jiyuan City and Xin’an county,the north west part of Henan Province. It is composed of six typical scenic  areas such as Wangwushan,Xiaogoubei(Yinhe valley ) Fengmenkou  ,the Yellow River Three Gerges LongtanValley and Daimeishan ,covering an area of 986k㎡. The geopark

was approved in 2006 by the UNESCO.. It is a comprehensive geopark, featured the geoheritages as geological section, landform landscape and  paleontology fossils, shining with animal and plant resources, and historical culture:

The system of Tiantan Mountain geological structure section reflects the geological evolutionary history since 2.5Ga, Xiaogoubei Valley(Yinhe) shows the charm of paleovolcano 1.7Ga ago;Bali Valley on the Yellow River Three Gorges  is the key point during the running-through of the Yellow River;The group of red stone valleys in Daimeishan  can be said to be the gallery of mountains and waterscape, which is also the natural museum of ripple marks and mud cracks; Mammal-like fossil in Late Paleozoic and trace fossil in Mesozoic around Fengmenkou area have the significance of global correlation.  More than 1000 species of plants live in the geopark, called the ‘gene base of seed plants in North China’;The charmingly naive Taihang macaque  is the spirit in the mountain;The spirit of Yugong moving mountains is valuable spiritual wealth , which made the unyielding national soul of China.


Wangwushan-Daimeishan UNESCO Global Geopark Telephone: 0391-6913199